Department of Electrical, Electronic and Communication Engineering (EECE)

Md. Saif Hassan Onim

Lecturer, Department of Electrical, Electronic and Communication Engineering (EECE)


Room: Teachers’ room, 11th Floor, Tower 2, MIST.

Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh.



  • B.Sc. in Electrical, Electronic and Communication Engineering (4 Years)

           Military Institute of Science and Technology. Date of Graduation: January 2020



  • MIST Dean’s List of honour – 2019
    • Academic Session 2015-2016
  • MIST scholarship – 2019




  • Smart Wheelchair with Medical Sensors and Voice Controlled Navigation

  • Doc Scanner for windows pc.

  • RGB Satellite Image segmentation with FasctFCN.

  • License plate recognition with YoloV4 and Tesseract.

  • Road Sign Recognizer using open-cv.

  • Automatic OMR detection Using Image Processing.

  • Eight-bit PC with Assembly Language.

  • Bangla Character recognition with custom-made CNN.

  • Automatic DG placement with the help of Machine learning.

  • Software aided helper for physically challenged with Lip and Eye action Detection.



Domain: Computer Vision, Human-Computer Interaction, Adversarial Machine Learning and Deep Learning.


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  • M. S. H. Onim, M. I. Akash, M. Haque and R. I. Hafiz, "Traffic Surveillance using Vehicle License Plate Detection and Recognition in Bangladesh," 2020 11th International Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (ICECE), Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2020, pp. 121-124.

  • M. S. H. Onim, A. R. B. Ehtesham, A. Anbar, A. K. M. Nazrul Islam and A. K. M. Mahbubur Rahman, "LULC classification by semantic segmentation of satellite images using FastFCN," 2020 2nd International Conference on Advanced Information and Communication Technology (ICAICT), Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2020, pp. 471-475.




  • Participated in the Workshop on Microcontroller & Embedded System organized by MIST, 28 Oct – 02 Nov 2018.
  • Participated in the ROBOLUTION 2018 arranged by MIST Robotics Club in November 2018.






Electronic Devices and Circuits (EECE 169)

Communication Networks (EECE 445)

Microprocessor and Interfacing (EECE 307)

Microwave Engineering Laboratory (EECE 434) 

Digital Electronics Laboratory (EECE 304)

Control System Laboratory (EECE 402)

Digital Signal Processing-I Laboratory (EECE 312, EECE 394)

Digital Communication Laboratory (EECE 438)

Communication Laboratory (EECE 310)

Numerical Analysis Laboratory (EECE 212)


Short Course Taken:

  • Introduction to fundamentals of Python (Duration: 4 weeks)



  • Faculty Member, Department of EECE, Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST), Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh.
    Duration: January 2020 – Present.
  • Mentor of Visual Information Processing (VIP) Research Group, Department of EECE, Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST), Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh.
    Duration: January 2021 – Present.
  • Graduate Student Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).
    Duration: January 2021 – Present.