Department of Electrical, Electronic and Communication Engineering (EECE)

Twisha Titirsha

Lecturer, Department of Electrical, Electronic and Communication Engineering (EECE)

Contact Number: +8801674104067

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11th Floor, Tower-2, MIST.

Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh.



  • Master of Science in Electrical Electronic and Communication Engineering (Ongoing)

Department of Electrical and Electronic and Communication Engineering (EECE)

Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST)

  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Electronic and Communication Engineering

            Department of Electrical and Electronic and Communication Engineering (EECE)

Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST)



[1] Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE)


Research Domain: Nano Electronics: Modelling and Analysis of different types of FET



  • A.R.M. Siddique, Twisha Titirsha, Syeda Sanjidah, Farhana Afrin, Asif Rabbani,  “An Analytical Approach to Design a Cost Effective Dual Axis Solar Tracker Based on CSP and PV Technology”, In the Proc. of International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research, vol. 5, pp. 582-588, March, 2014



  • Farhana Afrin, Twisha Titirsha , and M. K. Alam, " Statistical Analysis of Leakage Current of Trapezoidal FinFETs Using Monte Carlo Simulation," In Proc. of the IEEE International Women in Engineering (WIE) Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering 2015 (WIECON-ECE 2015),pp. 407-410, Dhaka, Bangladesh , December 2015.                                                                                  
  • Farrhana Afrin, Twisha Titirsha “Dependency of base transit time on process parameters: An analytical simulation of GaAsBi based HBT,” In Proc. of the 2015 International Conference on Electrical & Electronic Engineering (ICEEE), pp.109-112, Rajshahi, Bangladesh, November, 2015.                                                                                                                     
  • Twisha Titirsha, Farhana Afrin and M. K. Alam, “Analytical capacitance modeling of multifin trapezoidal FinFET”, In Proc. of 2nd International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Information Communication Technology (ICEEICT), 2015, pp. 1-6, Dhaka Bangladesh, May 2015.                                                                             
  • Farhana Afrin, Twisha Titirsha,“Speed analysis of wireless communication technology banked on HBT: An analytical approach to determine the impact of GaAs/GaAsBi diode model”, In Proc. of the International Conference on Computing and Communications Technologies (ICCCT), 2015,  pp. 66-71, Chennai, India, February 2015                                                                                                         
  • Twisha Titirsha, A.R.M. Siddique, Farhana Afrin, Syeda Sanjidah, Asif Rabbani, “Introducing dual axis solar tracker with reflector to increase optimal electricity generation in Bangladesh”, In the Proc. of 3rd International Conference on the Developments in Renewable Energy Technology (ICDRET), 2014, pp.1-6,Dhaka Bangladesh,  May2014                                                                                                                                     
  • Farhana Afrin, Twisha Titirsha , Syeda Sanjidah, A.R.M Siddique, Asif Rabbani, “Installing dual axis solar tracker on rooftop to meet the soaring demand of energy for developing countries”, In the Proc. of 2013 Annual IEEE India Conference (INDICON),  pp.1-5, 2013, Mumbai, India, December 2013                                                                              





EECE 163, Electrical Circuit Analysis

EECE 217, Engineering Electromagnetics 

EECE 269, Electrical Drives and Instrumentation

EECE 315, Electrical Properties of Materials


EECE 206, Electrical Machines Laboratory/ Energy Conversion Laboratory

EECE 208, Electronics Circuit and Simulation Laboratory II

EECE 202, Electronics Circuit and Simulation Lab

EECE 316, VLSI-1 Laboratory

EECE 308, Electronics Laboratory

EECE 314, Electrical Services Design

EECE 402, Control System I Laboratory




  • FACULTY MEMBER, Department of CSE, Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST), Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh.
    Duration: Jan, 2015 – Present.

Service to Profession

  • Organizing Member: iCEEiCT 2018 (MIST)
  • Joint Secretary: iCEEiCT 2016 (MIST)
  • Organizing Member: iCEEiCT 2015 (Jahangir Nagar University, Dhaka)