Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Tariq Mahbub

Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME)


Masters of Engineering in ME
Iowa State University of Science and Technology
Ames, IA, USA

Masters of Science in ME
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

Bachelor of Science in ME
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology




  • Electrokinetic flow

  • Shock wave interaction with soft tissue

  • Modified wettability surface

  • Heat pipe




  • Convection,

  • Boiling,

  • Condensation and

  • Mass Transfer

  • Fluidics




Tariq Mahbub, “Modification of Hindrance Factor due to the Presence of Charged Surface Heterogeneity”
International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering (ISSN 2250-2459), Vol 4, Issue 12,
Dec 2014

Conference proceedings and presentation:
[1] Tariq Mahbub, Daniel Attinger, “Development and verification of an elementary numerical model
applicable to design efficient heat pipe”, Technical presentation in ICNMM 2016 (USA)
[2] Tariq Mahbub, Xin Chen, Daniel Attinger, “Modifying the wettability of large copper surface using
subtractive and additive process”, Technical presentation ICNMM 2016 (USA)
[3] Naheed Ferdous, Tariq Mahbub, Noor Quddus, “Study of AC Electroosmotic flow developed by
coplanar microelectrode array in a slit microchannel”, In conference proceedings of ICME 2011
[4] Tariq Mahbub, Mohammed Shajahan, Syed Ashraf Ali, Noor Quddus, “Effect of surface charge
heterogeneity on ion transport through a microchannel”, In conference proceedings of 13th ACFM
2010 (Bangladesh)
[5] T. Mahbub, S. A. Ali, M. Shajahan, and N. Quddus, “Motion of Uncharged Particles in Electroosmotic
Flow through a wavy Cylindrical Channel”, In conference proceedings of COMSOL conference 2009




[1] Assistant Professor (May 2019 to till date)
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Military Institute of Science and Technology

[2] Former Senior Lecturer
Dept. of Textile Engineering
Daffodil International University