Employee Details


Educational Qualification

  • B.Sc in Civil Engineering (BUET) [Completed on 22 October, 2018]
  • MSc in Civil Engineering (BUET) [Currently Studying]

Working Experience/ Professional Experience

  • Working as a Lecturer in the Dept of CE, MIST from 1st January 2019

Teaching Interest

  • CE 331: Environmental Engineering-I
  • CE 332: Environmental Engineering Sessional
  • CE 432: Design of Water Supply, Sanitation and Sewerage Systems
  • CE 342: Geotechnical Engineering Sessional
  • CE 316: Design of Concrete Structures
  • CE 320: Design of Steel Structures
  • CE 435: Pollution Management



Akter T., Zahid T.M., Saha J., Nayeem J., Ali M.A. (2018), Potential of Iron-Coated Jute Fabrics to Decrease Arsenic Concentration of Groundwater in Irrigation Channel, 4th International Conference on Advances in Civil Engineering 2018 (ICACE 2018), 19 –21 December 2018, CUET, Chittagong, Bangladesh. ISBN: 978-984-34-5617-5


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