Climate Change Lab at MIST was formed with the competitive research grant of HEQEP, UGC and World Bank (Grant No. CP-3143). The total budget was 1.5 crore BDT for two years from July 2014 to June 2016. It was then extended for another year up to September 2017. They had published a scientific article with Elsevier (Ocean and Coastal Management) in December, 2016 focusing our coastal problem despite of their limited financial as well as lab capacities.

Research Emphasis

  • Assessing Climate Variability and Change
  • Evaluating Ecosystem Effects
  • Developing Strategies for Mitigation and Adaptation
  • Water Scarcity
  • Salinity Intrusion in coastal regions.
  • Hydrodynamic model for Bay of Bengal
  • Water quality assessment
Achievements Summary
Book Chapter 4 Book Chapters/Books had been published under the HEQEP project.
Journal 11 Journal paper has been
published under the HEQEP project.
International Conference 19
International conference papers. Awarded with DAAD full scholarship to attend
an International Conference on Water Security and Climate Change, 2017,
Cologne, Germany, 18th to 21st September
Awards from UG Thesis Champion award was achieved with competition held in Ahsanullah Uni.
of Sci. & Tech. Best paper award at the International
Conference, (BEST) in
India, January, 2017
Research grants MSc
Student, Mr. Rashed has been awarded with the most prestigious and highly
competitive National Science & Technology MSc Fellowship offered by the
Ministry of Sci. & Tech. of Bangladesh Govt., January, 2017 under my
supervision (SI 338 of the Fellowship list)
Postgraduate Students
4 post graduate student
are supervised under HEQEP
Organizing International
Regional Seminar of Climate Change and Water Security had been held on 27th
August of 2014 at MIST. Keynote speakers from Japan and BUET presented
An International Conference on Climate Change and Water
Security was organized with financial support of HEQEP and Water AID
in December 2015
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